The Cost of a Gypsy Lifestyle


Many of you have asked us about the actual cost of living like we do. Or maybe not asked but made comments about how we could never afford to do this for a long period of time. Well, here’s the dirt:

We save a lot of money by living like this. Of course, we can only compare it to how much we were paying for the last 10 years of owning a home in the Metro Atlanta area. So, some of you may not think that this is a very econimical way of living. 

We budget $2000 a month for rentals. Keep in mind that this amount includes ALL utilities:

Electricity, Gas, Water, Property Tax, HOA Fees, Trash pick-up, wifi access, lawn care, maintenance, cleaning services, Cable or Satelite, pool care (where applicable), Beach Access and parking (sometimes). 

When staying in planned communities the fee will also cover pool, tennis, golf, and/or fitness center access. A couple of homes have even included golf carts.

Do all of our rentals cost $2000 a month? No.

For instance, our big house in Orlando was $3200 for the month. But, our next 2 houses are only $1400/month and $1100/month. So, it should all work out to average $2000 a month for the year.

This budget allows us to save more and give more. I LOVE that we have so much more money to give.

My job no longer owns me. Our house no longer owns us or our time. 


Feel free to ask any questions about our lifestyle. There are no secrets, here.


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