3 Reasons to avoid carpet in a vacation rental

Jodi and I have stayed in several vacation rentals now.  Some have had hard surface flooring and some carpet.

In the ones with carpet there are always stains of some sort unless the carpet is brand new.  The stains are not always from messy renters.  Sometimes they are from normal foot traffic.

The house we’re currently renting for the month of may has light beige carpet in almost every space.  We’re finding that no matter how hard we try, we’re still need to spot clean the carpet.  These spots are not from dogs having accidents, they’re from normal traffic.

Take today for example.  I walked out, walked back in and didn’t realize that I had stepped in a small amount of mud somewhere.  (Yes it was mud, I tasted it to make sure.)  We travel with a spot bot, so no big deal.  I cleaned it and all is back to normal.  But a normal vacationing family is most likely not traveling with a carpet cleaner.

Hard surface floors are most likely more expensive initially than carpet.  But I would be willing to bet that in the long run they would be cheaper overall and last longer.


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