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Last Day in Gulfport

Well, we’ve made it to our last full day in Gulfport for a while.  I’m sure we’ll be back.

So, today we will be closing up any loose ends and packing.  We need to leave here pretty early in the morning because we’ve got a long drive to our next house.

We like to have the houses a little closer to each other, but sometimes it doesn’t work out.  Oh well, if that’s the least of our problems we’re doing pretty good.

We got in a last minute Fedex delivery this morning that had a new travel setup for the dogs.  There is a net that goes across the back of the front seats to keep them in the back.  Daisy somehow believes that she should not be relegated to the back seat.  We also got an inflatable space filler that goes in the back floor board and creates an almost level area.  Last, but not least is a seat cover in the rear.

Hopefully all of these additions will make a more peaceful drive to our next stay.  Not that the dogs have been bad.  They’ve actually become accustomed to the travel pretty quickly.  But these things will definitely make the trips a little less annoying.

Here’s a Youtube video with the brand names and setup:


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