We are not traveling alone

When Jodi and I sold our house and everything else to start a new way of life, I assumed that we may not be the only ones.  Now, thanks to the wonder of social media, I know we’re not.

Evidently there are others who have done the same, or at least similar thing to us.  We all seem to have slightly different paths and circumstances, but the basic premise is the same.  I’ve found the most common ground on Twitter.  Probably because it’s more open than Facebook.

Of course, I haven’t really spent much time searching for others.  Not because I’m self centered, although I probably am in certain ways.  Rather, I just haven’t had time to search because we’ve had a lot to learn and get accustomed to.  It’s been a much easier transition than I thought it would be, but it’s a journey.

Think about it for a minute.  Most of us grow up learning that the point to life is the job, the family, the house, the car, suburbs, etc.  So, we spend all of our time setting a course for that destination and seeing no other paths.  I wonder now how many adventures that God had in store that I missed because I was looking at my own plan.  I’ll stop here to admit that a lot of the time my plan has been more of an outline with missing spaces.  But, it was a general outline regardless.  I’ve never been a good planner.

Regardless, I find it cool and very interesting to find other people who are doing life differently as well.


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