Hard to be normal in a vacation area

Traveling around to different areas has been and is fun.  But, there can be some drawbacks.  Drawbacks is too strong of a word, but I can’t find a better one at the moment.

Neither of us has lived in someplace that was considered a vacation area before.  Unless you like to vacation in cornfields, in which case, yes we have.  Anyways, when you’re living in a place for about 4 weeks at a time it tends to feel like you’re supposed to be on vacation.

It seems to be the most difficult at dinner time.  Most of the time on a vacation, you head over to one of the nearby themed restaurants.  You save for a week of such activities.  We often feel like that’s what we’re supposed to do in the different areas we’ve stayed in so far.

It often just doesn’t feel right to go to the grocery store to buy sensible, normal food.  But, we keep doing it.  Or, at least trying to.  Some days we win and some we don’t.

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