Double fail at the Florida license branch

We finally headed to the license branch in Pensacola today to get our new drivers licenses and plates.  Jodi had tried to make an appointment online, but it wouldn’t work.  So we thought, how hard can it be?

We gathered up everything we thought we’d need and headed out.  We finally found the office we were looking for and found out that without an appointment we could only do our licenses.  But, even though we had every piece of identification we could think of, we were still missing one.

So, the gentleman at the giant desk said there is another branch a few miles away that doesn’t require appointments, but we would still need one more thing.  Minor setback we thought.  We drove back to the house, grabbed the last missing piece of paperwork and then drove to the other branch.

I guess nobody else in Florida had an appointment either because the line at this branch was out the door.  Ummm, no.  We also learned that as new residents, we also get to pay $400.00 for the privilege of paying for plates.  Yay.

So, we’re back to the drawing board.  I tried to get online to make an appointment, but the website just kept sending me in an endless loop which never made it to the “your appointment is confirmed part”.  Suck I say!  It was not an impressive trip to the pay me to pay me office.


Official seal of Pensacola, Florida

Official seal of Pensacola, Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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