Are you guarding your stuff?

Letting go of possessions can be hard.  Not just hard, but it can be emotionally difficult as well.  Whether many of us like it or not, we have a tendency to get attached to our things.  As I posted before, when we sold everything it was at times extremely difficult.  I don’t want to admit it, but I had become attached to a lot of inanimate ‘things’.  It was extremely freeing to get rid of most of our stuff.

In the house we’re staying in right now, there is a house next door that is obviously protective of their stuff.  They have a couple of old, rotting RV’s, a few piles of old junk, etc.  From what I can see from a short distance it’s all just rotting to the ground in place.  They have also posted no trespassing signs in order to keep their stuff safe.

I still have a little bit of an issue with stuff.  Even though we have very little now, I’m still occasionally driven to protect it.  To make sure I still have it. Etc.  This is something I’m still working on and slowly getting better at.

Things will not bring joy, happiness, accomplishment, or peace.  We’ve found that more stuff actually brings more stress.  So far on this journey we’ve done well and only bought what we needed.  We spend more time and money on experiences now.  We also are able to give more.

It’s hard to give up ‘things’.  It’s hard to go against the grain.  But, it is possible and it’s very freeing.  You don’t have to be a slave to things.  It’s a choice and it’s your choice.


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