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I lost my pants today

So, today’s our last full day on Fripp Island.  We’ll hook up the the trailer and head to our next stop tomorrow morning.  Today, Jodi has been away and I’ve been packing everything back into the trailer.  I’ve almost got it done, except for a few odds and ends.

So, I decided to call it quits for a little while and finish my laundry and take a shower.  I started the laundry and then jumped in the shower.  What I realized a little too late is that I forgot to leave out any pants.  One pair is in the washer and the rest are outside in the trailer.

I have two options.  One, wait for the laundry to be done.  Two, make a mad underwear dash to the trailer by the street.  Based on the rest of my luck with Fripp Island security, I think the best option to wait out the laundry.  Sigh.


Loon Pants

Loon Pants (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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