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One last dance with Fripp Island security

It is Thursday night and we’ll be leaving Fripp Island bright and early on Saturday morning.  Yesterday evening we stopped on our way back to the house and picked up our trailer from the lot we parked it in.  If you read our earlier posts, you’ll remember that on our first night on Fripp security came to tell us that we can’t park our trailer at the house, but there just happens to be a construction office on the island where you can pay to park it.  Very convenient.

So earlier today I saw an older man stop his car in front of our house and was on the phone while looking toward our Jeep and trailer.  I told Jodi about him and told that I bet it wouldn’t be long before security knocked on the door.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before one of Fripp’s finest came knocking.  Oddly enough, it was the same guy as the first night.  He informed me that we can’t park the trailer here.  I let him know that we have it here to pack so we can leave early on Saturday.

You might think that he responded by saying, “Oh, ok.  Well have a good night and thanks for visiting Fripp Island.”  You thought wrong!

When I told him that we have the trailer here to pack so we can leave Saturday morning, his response was, and I quote “It’s only Thursday.”  WHAT!!!!!  

I was able to keep my calm and let him know that the trailer is here to be packed, we’re leaving Saturday and the trailer is staying.  He left and we are back to counting the hours.  Common sense is severely lacking on some parts of this island.  Jodi was kind enough to make a large sign to hang on the trailer letting all know that we’ll be leaving soon, so stop calling the cops about a little box trailer. Fripp Island Trailer sign

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