We are not alone on this crazy adventure!

One of my biggest concerns, when we set out to live in vacation homes,was the US Postal Service. Years ago, people could detach from their homes and hop all over the world by setting up temporary addresses through UPS stores, FedEx stores, or just good old fashioned PO boxes.

Well, the lovely IRS doesn’t allow such a carefree existence anymore. We, as US citizens, must have a home address if we are law abiding, tax filing, humans.

So, we set out to be adopted. Well, no, we didn’t even have to search. When we explained our plans for adventure, my crazy awesome cousins offered to be our home base. Not only did they offer their address, they offered mail forwarding services. Seriously!

Meet Phil & Keri Igney


They are the best partners to have in this journey!! We love them so much and their mail handling abilities far surpass those of the USPS!

Thanks for letting us “live” with you!!


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