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Don’t be afraid to turn

Jodi and I were headed back from the post office today when she decided to turn onto a road we hadn’t been down yet.  At first we thought it was just another boring road until we found the old remains of a church on St. Helena Island.  We decided to stop and look around.

It was an amazing find!  If Jodi hadn’t decided to take a new road and do some exploring we probably wouldn’t have ever known about the place.  According to the historic sign the church was built in 1740.  1740!  I love finding these kind of things.  We both do.  The church walls remained along with several grave markers and an old tomb.  There were also live oaks that were incredible.  I can’t post all of the pics here but I’m slowly uploading them to our Instagram account at www.instagram.com/brodiejodi .  I’m sure Jodi will read this soon, so thank you for turning today! 🙂2015-02-09 16.04.58-1

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Hunting Island marsh walk


We took the dogs for a walk on the boardwalk into the marsh on Hunting Island today. Beautiful views.

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