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Attention Vacation Home Owners!!


After our 2 month stay in our first vacation home rental, I have a few words of advice for vacation home owners. Yes, we’ve only just started this adventure but I think we have learned a lot.

Let’s start with furnishings.

Little is much.

Please consider the fact that people staying in your home will be bringing their own stuff. If you furnish a 3 bedroom/3 bathroom home with 5 beds, a giant couch, two chairs, a desk, coffee table, dressers and end tables, and decorative pieces, you leave little room to actually live.

The only space we have for yoga is the small strip of real estate between our bed and dresser in the master bedroom. Seriously! That’s how crowded this home truly is.

Maintain your investment!

I just can’t imagine the amount of money that needs to be put into this home due to years of neglect.

If you spend the money to power wash the exterior every couple of years, you won’t have to deal with all of the wood rot.

If you have a set amount of matching dishes, pots and pans, and flatware, you will know when something is missing or broken. There’s so much random crap in our kitchen that we have no room to store food or clear the counter top.

Bedding and furniture should be simple and clean.

When furnishings don’t match and are torn and heavily worn, they will NEVER appear to be clean. I don’t think we have a single piece of furniture that isn’t torn or damaged. All of the bedding is either torn, discolored, or mismatched. Honestly, it’s a bit like a frat house. Somebody did some serious goodwill shopping!!

Don’t buy a vacation home if you cannot afford it!

Since our arrival two months ago, we have been visited by the power company who was here to disconnect the electricity due to nonpayment. And a Bank of America representative who was warning of foreclosure. Yep, good stuff.

Fortunately, the owner paid their electric bill and refinanced their loan to avoid foreclosure (we know this because the refi docs were Fedexed here to the rental).

We are renters! We shouldn’t know any of these struggles. But, the owner just floats along like noting is wrong while Rome is burning. They don’t seem to mind that we know all of their business.

Now for the gross part!

There are bugs living in our stove. They have set up shop in the digital clock. It’s kind of like watching a bug lava lamp. Recently they have begun venturing out of the stove. I AM DONE!

So, we are moving on sooner than planned. We lived, we learned, we know what we can tolerate and what we can’t.

The final straw? We now have two types of bugs. The big ones don’t like the little ones and they were fighting on the stove while I was trying to cook dinner the other night. Jodi is DONE!

It’s like living in Joe’s Apartment! Is it funny? Yes! Because if we don’t laugh about it, we would lose our minds.

Well, we wanted an adventure. Right?!


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