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Don’t cheat your budget

Part of our path to Freedom is getting rid of debt using Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover.  We use the gazelle budget software to track everything.  It’s difficult at first, but I promise it gets easier as you go.

Once you get into a budgeting habit, it’s actually harder to stop.  Especially once you see progress being made.  We got a small refund check from one of our utilities yesterday.  It’s so small that my first instinct was to deposit it and forget about it.  But, that’s just lost money.  If I did that, it was just go missing on something stupid.

Instead, I deposited it, added to the budget income and gave it a place to go.  Now, instead of just floating away into the great beyond, it will go to specific place.  It won’t be wasted, never to be seen or remembered again.

English: Budget and Spending

English: Budget and Spending (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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