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Opening a Can of Worms


Most of you know that I am honest and I speak my mind. I try to be kind and considerate, however, to all audiences when writing blog posts. Do you know how hard that is? Seriously, sometimes I think I might bust a vein holding in some of my frustrations!

Some things aren’t worth posting or even putting into words. But, this time I feel that someone MUST start the conversation on the topic of theft. Yes, THEFT!!! Specifically, theft committed by people over retirement age.

Oh, snap! Yep, I’m going there!

Do you know how many times I’ve seen someone over 65 clear a table at a restaurant of ALL of it’s condiments and accessories right into a purse? Too many!!

Have you watched that sweet little lady put all 50 creamers from the hotel coffee bar in her bag?

How about all of the vacation rentals that have stopped renting to “snow birds” because they take everything in the house? Now, the owners no longer offer monthly rates due to trying to avoid the retirees without discriminating. Seriously, today a home owner told me that he was replacing towels, pillows, and toasters, sheets, pans…after every “snow bird” rental.


So, is there an unspoken code that folks over 65 can just start taking whatever they want? NO! I know plenty of folks over 65 that don’t steal. So, why are the others not being called out for blatant theft?

You can’t steal at 13 and you can’t steal at 73 and it’s all for the same reason!!! When you steal, someone else pays.



Guess what? I told on an elderly man at Walmart who was taking plastic bags from the empty registers and walking through the store filling them up with random stuff. No, it wasn’t groceries and he wasn’t homeless. He drove up, walked in, and started robbing the joint! It’s wrong! It’s always wrong!

If you need help, ask. Most people and businesses will try their best to help anyone in need.

There is no need to comment and explain all of the economic reasons that might cause someone to steal. No need to remind me that our elders deserve respect. I truly understand these things. I also believe that entire groups of people should not be judged by the actions of a few or even a majority.

I’m just wondering why no one is willing to openly discuss this issue? What would stop this epidemic?
Are we even trying to stop it?
Do we just accept it and deal with the consequences?
Will my loved ones speak to me after this post? ūüôā

This is a subject that has been on my mind for quite some time but, with our new lifestyle, it has been greatly magnified and is affecting our ability to rent vacation homes by the month. Now, the first thing I tell the homeowners is that we are not retirees or “snow birds”. That’s sad to me.

-Jodi (or maybe Brodie)

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Three ways to rent out your vacation home

Jodi has been busy for the past several days searching for and trying to get our next vacation homes lined up and rented. ¬†Honestly, I’m glad that she does that and not me. ¬†I’m afraid I wouldn’t have the patience for it. ¬†She keeps running into the same problems. ¬†Problems which could be easily solved by owners and most likely lead to more rentals.

First: Keep your house listing up to date.  Several times Jodi has found a house that shows as available on a rental site, only to find out once she contacts the owner that it is actually already rented and that the listing was wrong.

Second: Be responsive.  Most of the listings she finds have a phone number listed.  Unfortunately, a person rarely answers and if they return the call, it may be several days later.  At a minimum, respond via email with the needed information or to schedule a time to call.

Third: If you have a chance to rent out the property, then do it.  Jodi recently ran into a house that we could have rented, but it has contractors living and working on it.  Rather than require the contractors to complete their work on time so the house could be rented, the owner allowed them to extend their stay.

These are just the top 3 that come to mind right now and I’m sure we’ll have more suggestions as we go. ¬†Have you ever tried to rent a vacation place only to be denied for a reason that just didn’t make sense?

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