What is home?

IMG_1676.PNGAs you know, we no longer have a “home” or house. Those are two different things, ya know! A house is a dwelling and a home can be many different things. Maybe home is the place where family lives or a place where you still have roots. Home usually has the things that bring you comfort.

When we go “home” to Anderson, Indiana, we always eat at Pizza King (can I get an Amen?). Is it the best pizza ever? I don’t know but, it tastes like home. Home is good but maybe more appreciated if you step away from it.

This week I am back to our most recent home area of Marietta, Georgia. I was able to fit in a visit to “my” nail salon, “my” jewelry store, and a couple of “my” restaurants. Of course, they are places that do not exist at our current home area. Are they the best? Probably not but they are what I know.

I found myself really thinking about this today as I was sitting in the metro Atlanta traffic that I miss, oh, so much. Do we make choices based on all of the options available to us or based on what we know and what is comfortable?

Right now, nothing is comfortable for me or Brodie and we are forced to explore and find “the best”.

I sat next to a lady at “my” nail salon this evening that proudly proclaimed that she has worn the same nail polish color for 17 years. WHAT?!?! She was in her late 30s and she found that color at (let’s say) 18 years old and said, “I have found the nail polish color that I will be buried in”. Ok, it’s just nail polish but, really?

I don’t want to be stuck in a place, with a 20 year old hair style (don’t get me started on this one), in a bad job, wearing the same color polish, rockin’ an outdated mindset… just because it worked once and I became comfortable. What if things change and technology advances and things get better… BUT YOU DON’T? Wouldn’t that be sad?

Go to a new restaurant!
Talk to a new person!
Drive home a different way!
Pick a new polish color!
Visit a new city!

You might find that change can be exciting and comfort could be holding you back from greatness.


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2 thoughts on “What is home?

  1. We know the feeling well of not having a “home.” We felt that when we moved to Ukraine and we feel that every time we come back to the States for a few months. It’s funny because people ask us “When are you going home?” and I have to ask them, “What do you mean by home?” Generally we think of Ukraine as our home but I tell the family that our home is wherever the family is. We choose to define home by the people who make it a home and not by the building we live in.

    Blessings to you guys in your journey!


    • Caleb, I absolutely agree. I’m sure that all of these thoughts of home are greatly magnified when one lives many countries away from where home once was. Not to mention the many othere issues that you face by living in Ukraine. You are an adventure inspiration! I’m pretty sure we can figure out how to live around the Southeastern U.S. if you and your family can live in a country at war.


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