It’s fun to blog together

As part of our journey Jodi and I decided to blog about it.  Our hope is that we’ll find advertisers at some point.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to work with both of us trying to post on the same blog.  But, it’s actually quite fun.  It’s good for communication as well.

Any husband and wife can tell you that communication is essential to a good marriage.  Sometimes though the two of us just simply forget to say everything that needs to be said.  I think this is largely because we get used to each other.  We don’t mean to stop sharing everything, it just happens.

That’s where i’ve found that blogging together has helped.  For example, on this blog we are both posting.  We also read each others posts.  The other day I gained a much better understanding of how Jodi was feeling by reading her post.  Again, she wasn’t trying to not tell me something.  We just hadn’t talked about it.  But, we did afterwards.

They say that journaling can help a person get their thoughts out and straight.  I would say that a blog like this does the same thing.

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