Freedom is a choice

Did you know that freedom is a choice?  It’s a choice that you can make, or not.  Many of us are stuck inside a cage that we have created for ourselves.  Growing up we were all told repeatedly what our goal was to be.  For almost everyone in the U.S. that goal, or dream, is a spouse, kids and a house with a picket fence.  As time has gone on that house has grown.  The goal car has gotten fancier.  The price tag has grown substantially.

But, I want you to stop and take some time to seriously think about something.  Is that truly your dream?  Does all of your stuff really represent freedom and success to you?

Jodi and I reached decided we were chasing a dream that was not our own, or God’s, so we sold it all.  You don’t have to follow in our steps.  Maybe what we’ve done is not your version of freedom.

But, as I stated above, please stop and think about it.  Are you happy?  If you’ve reached the top of your particular ladder, is it all you thought it would be?  Have you reached the heights you aimed for and now you’re wondering “what now”?

Don’t let the world or others dictate your happiness.  Don’t let people, even family, say that your doing it wrong.  Ask yourself, “why is right to do things just like everyone else”.  Why are they right and you’re wrong.  Get into the bible and search for the American dream as most of us understand it.  You won’t find it in there.

Live your life in freedom like God planned.  Debt is not freedom.  Misery is not freedom.  Stuff is not freedom.  Living in a rut is not freedom.  A giant house is not freedom.  An expensive car is not freedom.  Living a plan that is not your own is not freedom.

Think about it.


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2 thoughts on “Freedom is a choice

  1. Cindy Erickson

    Amen and Hallelujah!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. And the borrower is slave to the lender! Excellent post, Have you read the great book “Your Money or Your Life”? It’s a bit outdated in terms of financial assumptions, but you read the book for the philosophy it provides. When you spend your money you are exchanging your life energy for that item. When I read the book 15 years ago I realized we had an entire car we rarely used, paid for a parking spot for it, insurance, etc. Lightbulb moment!


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