Fripp Island LOVES Dogs

As a dog owner, I often wonder if there really is a place to go that is dog friendly. Even some dog parks have so many rules that dogs can’t just be dogs. And don’t get me started on the dog poop issues. There’s wildlife everywhere poopin’ it up wherever they please and nobody is making the deer pick up after themselves! Yes, I know we shouldn’t leave piles everywhere but, come on!

So, when you travel, do you take your doggies with you? Do you wish that you could? Do you long to take your furry friend on vacation and not have to leave them cooped up in the vacation rental the entire trip?

Me too and I think we have found a new place for you to take the entire furry family. Fripp Island is VERY dog friendly. They do ask that you keep your dog leashed when off of your property. However, there are several places for them to run free. Keep in mind that we are here “off season” and that does make it easier. Daisy has had a blast running in the waves and playing on the beach with other doggies. All of the other dog owners seem to be just as happy as we are to have fellow dog lovers sharing this wonderful paradise.

This is also the first time that our dogs have been in a golf cart, which is the preferred mode of transportation here on Fripp. They love the car with no windows! I’m pretty sure they think they’re flying. They also seem to give the dogs in passing carts a nod as we pass. Dogs on golf carts know they’ve got it good!!

While I haven’t traveled to many other vacation destinations that claim to be dog friendly, Fripp Island delivers on this claim and not just the vacation homes but the entire island.

Your dog called. He says it’s time to take a vacation to the beach. What are waiting for? Bring your doggies to play with Boogie and Daisy at the beach. We’d love to see you.



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