Tip: Double check vacation rental parking

On our second night at our first vacation rental on Fripp Island, SC, we got a knock on the door from a police officer. He was very nice and helpful, but it seemed that a neighbor had turned us in quickly for a code violation.

Part of our travel equipment is a small 5’x8′ enclosed trailer for our belongings. We never thought about the trailer being a problem if it was parked in the driveway with our Jeep. But there is a code that does not allow trailers of any sort to be able to be seen. The officer gave us the name of a man on the island that offers storage for trailers and other large items. Jodi and I both think that it’s really odd that a small trailer can’t be parked at a property, but there just happens to be a business on the island that will store it for you, for a fee.

Regardless, if you will be staying at a vacation type island for any length of time then it may be a good idea to check on any parking restrictions. Both for a trailer or a vehicle. The next hurdle with parking will be when family comes here for Christmas. We’ll see how it goes.

English: The Fripp Island Water Tower is a maj...

English: The Fripp Island Water Tower is a major landmark on Fripp Island, South Carolina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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