We Did It!!!!!

Yep, we did it! We closed on the sale of our home at 1pm on Wednesday 12/10/14. It was almost too easy. I guess you kind of think that something that took over 10 years to update, repair, love, and make our own would take longer to hand over to the buyers. But, it doesn’t. That’s because it’s just a “thing”. We didn’t sell our memories or 10 years of our life, we just sold a “thing” that made all of those things possible. There were no tears or regret. Just total Peace that passes all understanding. We don’t know what we’re doing but, we know it’s right!

Our new temporary home is Fripp Island, SC. We have a perfectly imperfect rental home. Nothing fancy, but it has a perfect amount of space and we aren’t worried about having the dogs here with us. The owners have been amazing and are just pleased as punch that we’re here. It’s nice to feel wanted and to have further confirmation that others are happy to join us on this crazy journey. It’s so fun to tell people our story and have them join in on the excitement. Everyone is encouraging and they often want the blog site info or offer to help in multiple ways.

People are good! We all want to be good and kind and encouraging to others. I really believe that the “bad” seeds are the exception. God continues to put people in our path that prove that everyday.

Next week we will begin preparing for the family to come in for Christmas. I’m so excited to have everyone here!!

Stay tuned for upcoming reviews of the area and our rental…


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