10 Days Until Closing

Well, we are down to the nitty-gritty in our house. After 5 straight days of mind and back breaking work, we had a very successful estate sale. We were able to sell every piece of furniture with the exception of a couch, an end table, and two small cabinets. I am always amazed at the stuff that sells and what doesn’t. Of course, we still have the popup camper. There are a few people interested but, no takers yet.

As of today, all of our utilities are scheduled to be shut off on the 10th. So, things are getting REAL! We signed the contract on our first vacation rental last night. It’s so exciting to have a place to look forward to. More on the new location when we get there.

We bought our 5×8 trailer. It’s so cute! I just can’t believe that all of our possessions will now fit in a 5×8 trailer and a 10×10 storage unit. That’s 140 sq ft for those of you playing along!! That’s the size of ONE of our small bedrooms in our current home. It may seem impossible but, it truly is freeing.

Our house is so empty! Right now we have one sofa and a 25″ TV with a Roku in the middle of the living room. Of course, the dogs claim the couch so it’s a bit crowded. We should have everything, except the things we’re keeping, out of the house by Wednesday. That will be such a relief. Just last week I was totally overwhelmed with the amount of furnishings and junk in this house. But, two days from now, it will all be gone. Thank the Lord! Honestly, if it weren’t for Kelsey’s help, there is no way we could have accomplished all of this in such a short period of time. It’s great to have a daughter that is such a great cleaner and organizer. We owe her BIG time!!


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