Day 12 – Making our feet move

Today requires that we take another step in this process. I know it might not seem big but, it is. We need to rent a storage unit. There are, of course, some things that we won’t get rid of but, I don’t have anyone to take ownership of these things, yet. Jordan and Kelsey don’t have space and I think my Mom and Dad would cry if they had to take some of these things back into their home after they’ve already passed them down to me. I don’t know how long we’ll need this storage unit but it still overwhelms me a bit. I guess it still comes down to an attachment to things…What if I need something that’s in storage but I’m in a different state? What if something happens to the storage unit? What do I really need to put in storage? 

I know it sounds a little crazy but, it’s just overwhelming. Adding to the fear is the threat of the home not actually selling. Yes, we have a contract but, you’ve all heard the stories of things going wrong right before closing. We will have already sold most of our furnishings by the time the closing date gets here. Again, I know it’s just stuff. We can buy new furnishings.

So, I tell all of you and myself:

I will not be afraid. I will not cling to my possessions. I will have faith that God will lead us to wherever we’re going. I will not worry about where that “wherever” is.



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