Day 9 – Already gone

You all know what I’m talking about? Once you make a decision to move on, your mind, heart, and ambition moves on. You know…new job, new school, new home. But, you still have to stick around and keep things running until that magic launch day comes around.

This Fall supplied a very heavy leaf and acorn explosion at the Brown’s woodland home. But, we’re moving. We don’t (want to) care about stupid leaves and outdoor maintenance anymore. But, at this rate, if the leaves aren’t tackled, they will stack up higher than the front door and the roof will come crashing in. So, Brodie tackled the stupid leaves and let Daisy help.

Daisy is not a helper. She is a destroyer and she HATES the rake. It’s odd because she really isn’t bothered by the loud leaf blower. At least the dog is still excited about the leaves.

Daisy helping with the leaves

Only 25 days left. I wonder how many more leaves we’ll have to deal with.


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