Day 1 – What have we done?

Hi. My name is Jodi and I will be without a home in 30 days. No, we won’t be “homeless”. We have made the odd decision to sell our home and not buy another one. Why? Well, let me explain…

Sane person: Why did you sell the house that you love and have lived in for over 10 years?

Jodi: Because we have debt, feel trapped, we’re bored and way too comfortable.

Sane person: So, you’re living the American Dream that everyone strives to achieve and you’re bored?

Jodi: Yep.

Sane person: Ok, so where will you live?

Jodi: I don’t know. Today is day 1. We have 30 days to figure that out.

Sane person: Wow! Have you lost your mind? Do you need professional help?

Jodi: I don’t think so but, ask me in 30 days. We do have an idea of how we’ll live, just not where, exactly.

Sane person: Well, we’d all like to know. Please enlighten us.

Jodi: I travel for work. My territory is the entire Southeastern US. I can basically live within those 9 states. So, we figured, why not live where we want to live, when we want to live there. We can stay in beautiful,long-term, vacation rentals for months at a time and still spend less money than we’re spending right now to support a big 4 bed/ 3 bath home in Marietta, GA. I have roughly 30 years until I reach retirement and that just seems to far away. Since my work situation allows for being transient, why not take advantage of it and live where we want while living totally debt free?

Sane person: Wait, what? Debt free? There’s no such thing these days.

Jodi: Wanna bet? Not only can we live debt free but we will be able to go where we want, when we want. Oh, and we won’t have utility bills, property taxes, home repairs, or grass to mow. We’ll even have cleaning services included and towel service at some locations. Who wouldn’t want that?

Sane person: Well, obviously most of the U.S. That’s just not normal.

Jodi: Well, we will live like no one else so that we can live like no one else. (Thanks Dave Ramsey) And this is how we’re choosing to do it.

Honestly, we are choosing to live by faith and not plan everything out. Right now we are a little scared and overwhelmed. We will basically sell everything we own and that has to be done in the next 30 days. It’s all a little crazy but, I’ll keep you posted as we go.

Please pray for us!!


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14 thoughts on “Day 1 – What have we done?

  1. Jami

    Dear friend…I wish you all the best!! If only we could all live by such faith!! God has truly blessed you with what we all should be able to enjoy…..freedom!!!


  2. Cheri

    Super congrats on a new adventure! !


  3. Brian Cole

    Excited for you…and a little envious 🙂 Best wishes on your new adventure!


  4. Stacie Farris

    What a great adventure that awaits you! I love your step of faith and look forward to hearing how it turns out!
    On the retirement note–thoughts of that have helped shape my current (and almost over!) job search. How odd to think of something that is a ways off yet coming down the pipe? I am choosing a job that I see myself doing for the next 25 or so years and a place where I want to retire (those details will be made public next week when everything is official, fyi). SO WEIRD!!


  5. brenda obrecht

    So happy for u guys if this is what you want. Maybe we’ll see more of both of you Love both of you.


  6. Brande Dixon

    How cool. Will be watching and reading!


    • Joyce goldman

      I’m a little nervous for you, but i’m sure it will all work out. Best of luck to you both.


  7. Michelle Fox

    Very Exciting and scary…we will miss our wonderful neighbors, but wish you only the best!!


  8. Aaron west

    Thats awesome when people think outside the box…and takes very bigs ones to do what your doing.wishing you the best on your new journey


  9. jan wagoner

    You go girl!!! Such adventures you will have we are praying for you God’s blessings on each decision you make


  10. Eric M.

    Having debt limits your choices, limits your freedoms, limits your mobility and strangles your finances. How many out there would love to quit their job or travel but can’t because they have debt to pay? The “sane person” works his/her butt off to pay off credit cards and car loans and afterwards there’s nothing or not much left to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Congrats on your decision. I’m rooting for you!


  11. Pat

    Sounds very exciting! I am happy for you. I love Dave Ramsey and debt free living…..just the mortgage. Can’t wait to hear more of your adventure. And if God is leading it, what an adventure it will be!


  12. Cindy

    We didn’t go far, but it was really fun living in our motor home while the hardwood was refinished in the little house on Nursery Rd. I recommend gasoline (vs. diesel) motor home. What fun!


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